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AxisStars is growing fast!!!

Im sorry. I ve been super busy with the launch of AxisStars and i can say that im very proud with what we offer to sports industries. Transparency with our special software that help players and their agent…

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  • Welcome to my new website

    It’s been quite a year for me already; moving to my new life and publishing my book “Du Quartier Aux Étoiles” en francais and “Thinking inside the box”  in english. 2013 as been quite a change but being exciting

    and challenging is what i like about life.

    As well as keeping up to date with my news, I want the site to be a place where you can join in, ask questions and get lots of tips about playing football – whatever your level.

    There is a Q and A section where you can ask me anything you like (within reason!) an advice page for all your football questions and my personal blog, to keep you posted of all my news and views both on and off the pitch.

    I hope you enjoy it and look forward to all your comments and questions. Dont hesitate now im retired, i try to use my website more and more to interact with you.

    À bientôt

    Louis :)

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    Louis talks about his book

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    Axis10 is online

    Axis10 is doing another step with the website Axis10 online. Go visit

    Great to see the Van from Manchester United doing so well in there opening day of the WCup.

    Not a big surprise but a real shock for Spain.

    Take Care